Photography Campaigns @Keep

Keep is a content and commerce discovery shopping platform. In other words, they hand-curate the best products from hundreds of online retailers for their millennial audience to shop. Keep is run entirely online, refering users to shop their selections directly from the retailer. The downside to holding no inventory is that there are no products on hand to photograph and share on the website and social media channels. 

At this point, the brand image was ill-defined; we relied on photos borrowed from retailers and influencers to bolster the story our written content and product curation was telling. This wasn't strong or concise and didn't represent our full personality.

As we were designing a new homepage for the site, this problem came to a head. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from other online marketplaces by having a bolder, more distinct character. Photography was key to setting that stage. With a huge imagery area at the very top of the new homepage design and a launch date in June, we set about our first photo shoot for a Summer campaign.

Completed as Lead Designer at Keep.


Summer Campaign

The goal of this campaign was to celebrate the launch of Keep's new homepage and demonstrate the personality of the "Keep Girl" while showcasing summer fashion. We worked with photographer Danni Siminerio to bring "The World of Keep" to life. This meant painting old boomboxes our brand color ("Keep Green"), teaching our models how to rollerskate, and baking a green cake. The campaign launch was a success, opening doors to new fashion advertisers who saw our brand under a new light.

I coordinated the shoot and served as creative director.

Photographer: Danni Siminerio
Hair/Makeup: Bri Trischitta, Shannon Rae Mulligan
Photo Assistants: Veronica Sage McAvoy, Raquel Nese
Models: Aina Fadina, Josie Schindler, Mikayla Kits, Ansley Brown
Staff: Amanda Zukofski, Stacie Henderson, Lillie Hart, Jessica Stanley



Fall & Holiday Campaigns

With one shoot under our belt, we decided to up the complexity for the Fall and Holiday campaigns. Aiming for more dynamic imagery, we stepped out of the studio to an indoor/outdoor NYC-centric shoot with photographer Mangue Banzima. We utilized products provided by retailer partners so users would be able to shop the products featured in the photos once they launched on site.

I coordinated the shoot and served as creative director.


Photographer: Mangue Banzima
Hair/Makeup: GlamSquad
Models: Aina Fadina, Josie Schindler, Jamie Michelson, Michael Raye Reiss
Staff: Amanda Zukofski, Stacie Henderson, Lillie Hart, Giulia Lipton, Kelsey Beckford, Lesley Flores